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Unfolding Quite Wonderfully - McDanno_Girl - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own] →


A little 4.19 coda fic I wrote for my internet bestie’s upcoming birthday. I hope you like it sweetie <3

Reblogging because I added a second chapter :)

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Unfolding Quite Wonderfully - McDanno_Girl - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own] →

A little 4.19 coda fic I wrote for my internet bestie’s upcoming birthday. I hope you like it sweetie <3

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Steve’s first (and second) “I love you” went to Danny. I cannot tell you how much my shipper heart is flailing right now.

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i don’t want to write this fanfic i want to fucking read it
— a novel not written by me (via ahobbitscourage)

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Considering Lenkov&#8217;s track record with bringing back female characters he&#8217;s introduced (think Lori, Gabby, Rachel, Doris, Mary&#8230; need I continue?) after he&#8217;s written them off, I wouldn&#8217;t hold my breath Cath fans. I&#8217;d be surprised if she even gets a mention anytime soon.

Considering Lenkov’s track record with bringing back female characters he’s introduced (think Lori, Gabby, Rachel, Doris, Mary… need I continue?) after he’s written them off, I wouldn’t hold my breath Cath fans. I’d be surprised if she even gets a mention anytime soon.

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Have a Little Faith in Me
An H50 fanvid
Seasons 1-3, Core 4

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Dear H50 fandom,

As most of you know, I used to run a little site dedicated to Scott Caan and Alex O’Loughlin (http://bookemdanno.net/ & @bookemdanno_net). After I gave up on the show and it’s terrible, terrible writing, I thought about closing the site but instead gave it another fan to run.

I said this last night on Twitter but thought I’d add it here too. Give the new girl a chance. Yes, she does things differently than I did. Yes, she likes characters that I don’t like. Yes, she is totally new at running a fansite and will therefore make mistakes.

The important thing is that she loves Alex and Scott. And for some reason, she still loves H50. She has to deal with enough negativity and toxicity in the fandom without constantly getting messages from my friends about how much she sucks and how much they wished I hadn’t given her the site.

As the creator of the site, I think she’s doing a wonderful job. And she’ll get better as she goes. She’s a really sweet person who just wants to have fun and support Alex and Scott. If you guys chase her off, the site closes. And that would just be sad considering it’s one of the few active Alex sites out there and the only Scott site.

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Miniature Body Landscapes by Allan Teger

Allan Teger is an american photographer from Florida. Today we’re featuring a serie where he mixes the child side of playing with miniature toys, with the adult body. Thanks to a little bit of imagination, and some technique, it becomes really easy to transform a body into a fishing lake, a golf green or a lover park.

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I was going to put this behind a cut, but fuck that I'm pissed →


(But it is Hawaii Five-0 for TS for my followers who don’t care about Five-0.)

I’m glad Michelle is leaving.

I love Michelle, and I love Catherine. If anything, her character is the only thing that’s kept me watching these past two seasons. But I’m glad she’s leaving.

Because Michelle (and…

Not going to quote the entire post but you of course can click on the link and read it in its entirety.  And let me stress one thing right at the start here - I do agree with some of what they are saying. There is definitely a double standard when it comes to how male actors are treated versus female actors. However…

My issue stems from this part here:

"I think she had every right to go after people on Twitter who troll her character, whether they tagged her in it or not. I think she had every right to go after people on Twitter who trash her and send her death threats. NOBODY deserves to get bashed for simply playing a character—no matter how poorly written you think the character is or how shitty you think the actress is. There is absolutely no call for it."

The fact of the matter is not everyone is going to like every character an actor plays. THIS IS ALLOWED. It’s called having an opinion and being a human being. The people Michelle initially attacked were not the ones sending her all the vitriol she claims she’s been barraged with. If people were sending her death threats, she should’ve reported them. If people were sending her @’s filled with “hate,” she should’ve reported them as well. She should have also tried to emulate what every single other actor on Twitter does for the most part: ignore the negativity. Male or female, all actors get sent negative tweets and opinions.

Instead of doing these things, she decided to turn herself into the fandom police and attack those who had never once tweeted her -  simply because they didn’t like her fictional character. By saying it was her right to go after these people, you are basically saying that people aren’t allowed to have opinions (at least not ones you don’t agree with). Or if they do have opinions (that you don’t agree with) they should just keep them to themselves.

You say nobody should be bashed for playing a character. Well, nobody should be bashed for not liking said character.  And yes, sending an actor death threats is so way far beyond out of line but the people she is constantly naming, shaming, putting on shun lists, calling horrible names, etc. are not the ones guilty of that. If these threats really, truly exist, why isn’t she naming those people?

For an actor who claims to be so much about the love and so against bullying, it’s quite telling to see some of the tweets she favorites, some of the accounts she follows, and to see her very own actions. She follows at least two accounts who seem to primarily exist to harass and make fun of other people in the fandom. She has posted a photo of someone on her shun list to her Facebook page, called the person a stalker, and said where they lived. She has not once, EVER, told a single one of her fans who have sent threats of violence or death to those on her shun list to stop.

So excuse me while I don’t feel the slightest bit sorry for her (or her vile fans who have taken part in the namecalling and threats). Nor do I see her as an innocent little victim. She once told me that karma is a bitch. Well, I think we can see what her karma has done to her.

And if me being a strong female who is not willing to cower down (or sit there and take it like a good little lady) and let her continue to call me and my friends names and perpetrate lies about who we are and what we’ve done simply because she’s sorta kinda famous means she’ll hate me and have me on her “list” forever…

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It makes my McDanno shipping fangirl heart so damn happy to see some amazing talent come back into the H50 fandom after the announcement of a certain actress&#8217;s departure. So can&#8217;t wait to see what they create for us.

It makes my McDanno shipping fangirl heart so damn happy to see some amazing talent come back into the H50 fandom after the announcement of a certain actress’s departure. So can’t wait to see what they create for us.

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When I look back at the good times I have had, I mean the really great times I have experienced in life, you were always right there by my side. But more importantly, when I look at the real rough times, all the trials, you were STILL by my side x

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there’s a difference between character development and completely changing your character’s personalities with no explanation

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In case you are a fan of same sex unions, weddings in general, or are just really itching to know what I look like (or my wife, as I haven’t posted a picture of her yet [she’s the adorable one in the suspenders]) here’s the promised wedding picture spam.

Best day of my life. 

Okay, but see here’s the thing. I want all of you to understand this thing:

I posted these wedding photos because this was the most amazing day of my life. I’ve been married for about two months, and goddammit, it has been just the best, you know? Like, this woman, in these photographs? She’s incredible. She’s unreal. She’s kind and she’s thoughtful and she’s everything I never thought I deserved. She’s the woman who I get to spend the rest of my ridiculously lucky life with.

It’s so simple to me, to us.

But it’s so complicated to so much of the world. She and I can’t walk into the grocery store holding hands. I get tight-lipped when someone compliments my ring at work because I can’t determine if they are going to be “cool” with it or not. If they’ll report me for being “inappropriate” in our online survey. Again. My wife was fired from a job as a driver for a children’s occupational therapist because her boss saw us kiss at the mall— because she couldn’t have “that kind of person” around children. I walked myself down the aisle at my wedding because a church told my parents that it wasn’t possible for them to attend my wedding.

And we’ve had it so easy! Our lives have been blissfully carefree compared to so many. We have the most amazing friends and family and life is pretty fucking sweet.

But here’s the thing I wanted to tell you. This post I made, to try to just share my little square of happiness with my little square of the internet, has literally tens of thousands of notes. Tens of thousands. I’ve gained hundreds of followers and my inbox runneth over. And not a single message I’ve received, not a single reblog that I have been able to find, has had anything to say but amazing, beautiful, kind words of congratulations. No bullying. No trolling. No inappropriate offers or lewd remarks. Out of tens of thousands.

That’s not something I’m used to. It’s not something anyone in the LGBTQ community is used to.

Do you even get how amazing you are? You, the denizens of Tumblr. Do you understand that? I am so exceedingly proud of you, you wacky kids. You are all such incredible people, with such kind and open hearts, and I wish I could hug each and every one of your necks. 

So if you are having any sort of rough day, please know that there is this tiny lesbian couple in northeast America who likes you just a whole lot, okay? You’ve overwhelmed us. 

Thank you. We love you.